About The Boys

Nittis is a high end yet comfortable concept bringing classic Italian recipes with a modern touch and aesthetic. Blending fashion and food, Nittis offers an energetic environment reimagining the Noir of the 1950’s and New York in the 1980s. Patriarch Will Durollari, whose nickname “Nitti” was given to him by his grandmother and his fashion designer sons, Arben and Kuj Durollari, return to the fashion district, where they originally started their brand BOND. Will comes from a family of culinary professionals whose father was a restauranteur and he operated restaurants throughout New York City and currently owns Pomodoro in New Jersey. The family fulfills their lifelong dream of operating a restaurant together, designing a place where like-minded creatives can gather. 

Arben and Kuj, who are the masterminds behind the fashion brand BOND with clients including The Weekend, Anwar Hadid and Migos, bring their artistic aesthetic to the concept and the kitchen. They collaborate on every aspect of the restaurant including the stylish dining room, which evokes a Noir vibe accented by the art work of Kuj. Combining vintage and contemporary elements, antiques can be found throughout the space with highlights such as a vintage gold cash register that sits on a glass pastry display case and one of kind art deco pieces they found at a nearby antique shop in the fashion district. There are long red velvet banquettes throughout the room, accompanied by retro tables and chairs. The space is accented by a custom black marble bar, flanked by two gold sculptures, which inspired the restaurant’s logo. All the furnishings were custom designed for Nittis along with a playlist, which ranges from Dean Martin to A$AP Rocky

Will and his son Arben are both talented cooks and have joined forces with Executive Chef Andrea Cinus Napolitano to bring back their beloved family recipes, while maintaining their old school red sauce aesthetic, but with updated modern ingredients and stylized presentations.